UPDATED JANUARY 26, 2016:  Added a website link to a new website dedicated to keep the memory of this imporant part of WWII allive.  See Related Websites Page.
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UPDATED MAY 3, 2001:  Added website link - "Truce in the Forest" - A touching story of an unusual truce Christmas eve, 1944.  Story by Fritz Vincken.
See Related Websites Page.
Memorial at Vossenack Church
UPDATED APRIL 16, 2001:  Added a story entitled "Ex-enemies join on field of battle".  See Hürtgen Today Page - Click on News Stories from the Hürtgen Forest from the Hürtgen Today page.
UPDATED MAY 8, 2001:  Added website link - Read about and or purchase a copy of the limited edition print "A time for healing".  A tribute to the American/German truce on the Kall Trail.  See Related Websites Page.
UPDATED MAY 21, 2001:  Added news story: "Three U.S. World War II soldiers, whose remains were recovered earlier this week from field graves near Monschau, Germany".  See Hürtgen Today Page - Click on News Stories from the Hürtgen Forest from the Hürtgen Today page.
UPDATED June 15, 2001:  Added 5th Armored Division to Divisions that fought in the Battle of Hürtgen Forest.  Click Divisions in the Battle tab, then click on 5th Armored Division for details about that division
UPDATED JULY 12, 2001:  Added 83rd Division information.  Click Divisions in the Battle tab, then click on he 83rd Division for details about that division.
UPDATED 8/8/02:  Numerous additions/corrections were made:
     +  Added 366th Fighter Group to Divisions in the Battle tab.
     +  Added several books in English and a couple of books in German to Reference
         materials in English and German.
     +  Aded a couple of items to Other Reference Materials.
     +  Added  the Hürtgenwald Museum website to Related Websites.
     +  Corrected caption on the photo "Tanks on Kall Trail".
     +  Corrected address and operating hours of the Hürtgenwald Museum in What to
         do in the Hürtgen Today.
UPDATED 9/11/02:  Added patrotic music to site pages.  Also added article from American Heritage, by General Gavin, which is a very good summary of the battle.  Go to The Story page, go to the bottom and click on Read General Gavins article.
UPDATED 12/23/02:  Added new website link, entitled "Scorpio's Personal Website - The Battle of Huertgen Forest."  This site has the option for English or German language.  See Related Websites page.
UPDATED 2/8/03:  Added new website link, entitled "Everything Military"  This site is an EXCELLENT site to search for anything dealing with the military.  See Related Websites page.
UPDATED 6/9/03:  Added German book by Kurt Kaeres, entitled "Das verstummte Hurra, Hürtgenwald 1944/1945" to Reference Material - Books in German.  See Reference Material - Books in German page.
UPDATED 6/18/03:  Added new website link for an excellent hotel to stay in while visiting the Hürtgen Forest. See Hürtgen Today page.
UPDATED 8/04/03:  Scorpio's Website - The Battle of Huertgen Forest, is now only in English.  See Related Websites page.
UPDATED 8/17/03:  Deleted music, as it takes longer to load with dial-up connection.  Added several new  links to the Related Websites page, including the Hürtgenwald Mueseum's schedule for special activities honoring the 60th anniversary of the battle of Hürtgen Forest, Klaus Schulz's new website homepage, the 8th Infantry Division Association's website and An Historiography of the Huertgen Forest Campaign 1944-1945.  Also added were the 7th Armored Division and the 82nd Airborne Division to the Divisions in the Battle page, as well as updating several others on that page.
UPDATED 9/06/04:  Removed the following link, in the Related Websites page due to the link no longer being active:
John B. McBurney's Website (John served with 8th Infantry Division, 13th Infantry Regiment)      http://www.jmcb.com 
UPDATED 12/27/07:   Added to Other Reference Material, a link to a couple of interesting exerpts from yearbooks of the 83rd Infantry Division.  Go to Other Reference Material and click on the button near the bottom of the page.
UPDATED 7/24/08:   Added to Hürtgen Today, a link to a story written by Ken Barrett's grandson.  The story is Parker Barrett's journal from the trip Ken, Parker and Parker's Dad made to Normandy and the Hürtgen Forest in June 2008.  Go to  Hürtgen Today and click on the button marked "Parker Barrett's Journal"
UPDATED 8/27/08:   Removed several "non-working" links from Related Websites page.
UPDATED 9/18/08:   Added a link to Related Websites page.  A great website showing clips of video called "You Enter Germany".  
UPDATED 7/26/10:   Added the following to "What to do in the Hürtgen Forest Today":

UPDATED 8/23/12:  Added a new site to "Related Websites", focusing on the unit history of the HQ Company, 112th Infantry, covering the period from Normandy through the Hurtgen battle and beyond.