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Evacuating the Wounded
About us:

This website was the "brainchild" of Pete McCraren.  Pete lives in the Houston, Texas area, and became interested in The Battle of Hürtgen Forest a few years ago.  Pete found it difficult to find information about the battle, and decided he would find a way to share what he did find with others who might have a similar interest.  Pete has made a number of trips to Germany to visit the Hürtgen Forest area.

Ken Barrett, also from the Houston area, is interested in The Battle of Hürtgen Forest because his Dad was killed in the battle on November 16, 1944.  His Dad, Roy E. Barrett, was a member of the 4th Division, 12th Infantry Regiment.  Ken created the webpages as well as maintains them.
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Was your Father killed in World War II?  Would you like to know more about an organization that can help you learn more about his time in the service?  If the answers to these questions are yes, "click" the Star  below.
If you would like to read a personal story
of our visit to the Hürtgen Forest in May 2000,
written by Ken Barrett, please click here.
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