Hürtgen Today
The photographs on this page were taken on a trip to the Hürtgen Forest in May 2000.
The Kall Trail
Memorial at Vossenack Church
Tank Tracks on Kall Trail
Walter Model's Gravesite
Kilroy was Here
The Forest Today
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Schwammenauel Dam
In memory of:

 Klaus R. Schulz

Klaus was very helpful in my visits to the Hurtgen Forest.
He was a great friend and will be missed.

If you would like to read a personal story
of our visit to the Hürtgen Forest in May 2000, 
written by Ken Barrett, please click below.
An excellent place to stay while visiting the Hürtgen Forest is the Zum Alten Forsthaus Hotel in Vossenack.

Their website (in German and English) can be found at:
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If you would like to read a personal story, Parker Barrett's Journal, about a trip Ken Barrett, his son Mark and his grandson Parker made to Normandy and the Hürtgen Forest in June 2008, 
written by Parker Barrett (age 10), please click below.