9th Infantry Division
"Old Reliable Division"

Major General Louis A. Craig

39th  Infantry Regiment, 47th Infantry Regiment,
60th Infantry Regiment and supporting units.

September 13 - 26, 1944 &
October 6 - 26, 1944  The 47th Infantry Regiment saw action again in November 1944.

Zweifall, Vicht, Schevenhütte, Lammersdorf,
Rollesbroich, Todtenbruch, Richelskaul,
Raffelsbrand, Germeter, Merode, Langerwehe,
Roetgen and Paustenbach.

89th ID, 275th ID, 353rd ID and 12th VGD.

Carl W. Sheridan, PFC, 47th IR, Medal of
Honor, near Frenzerburg/Langerwehe on
November 26, 1944 (Posthumously).

3836 during first attack and 4500 during second


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