8th Infantry Division
"The Pathfinder Division" or "The Golden Arrow Division"

Major General Donald A. Stroh, until November 27, 1944.
Brigadier General William G. Weaver from  
Novermber 19 - 22 December 22, 1944       

13th  Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Regiment, 121st Infantry regiment and supporting units. During the battle the 2nd Ranger Battalion was attached.

November 19 - December 8, 1944

WeisseWehe Valley, Germeter, Hürtgen, 
Kleinhau, Tiefenbach, Brandenburg-Bergstein
and Vossenack.

344th ID, 89th ID and 272nd VGD.

John W. Minick, S/SGT, 121st IR, Medal of
Honor, between Hürtgen and Germeter on
November 21, 1944  (Posthumously).

5200 battle and non-battle casualties.


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