83rd Infantry Division


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"Thunderbolt Division"
Major General Robert C. Macon
329th Infantry Regiment, 330th Infantry Regiment, 331st Infantry Regiment, 322nd, 323rd, 324th, 908th Field Artillery Battalions, and other organic elements.
Hof Hardt, Gey, Strass, Birgel, Bergheim, Berzbuir, Gurzenich, Rolsdorf, Lendensdorf-Krauthausen.
December 3 - December 30, 1944
212th Volksgrenadier Division
47th Infantry Division
91st Infantry Division
272nd Volksgrenadier Division
353rd Infantry Division
Ralph G. Neppel, St., M Company, 329th IR, Medal of Honor, near Birgel on December 14, 1944.