4th Infantry Division
"Ivy Division"

Major General Raymond O. Barton

8th Infantry Regiment, 12th Infantry Regiment, 22th Infantry regiment and supporting units.  During the battle, CCR of the 5th Armored Division was attached.

November 6 - December 8, 1944

Gut Schwarzenbroich, Weisser Weh Valley,
Grosshau, Hof Hardt, Hürtgen, Kleinhau,
Schevenhütte, Vossenack and Germeter.

275th ID, 116th PzD, 344th ID and 353rd VGD.

Bernard J. Ray, 1st Lt., 8th IR, Medal of Honor, near Schevenhütte on November 17, 1944 (Posthumously), George L. Mabry, Jr., Major, 8th IR, Medal of Honor, near Gut Schwarzenbroich on November 20, 1944 and Marcario Garcia, PFC 22nd IR, Medal of Honor, near Grosshau on Novmber 27 and 28, 1944.

5260 battle and non-battle casualties.



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