1st Infantry Division
"The Big Red One"

Major General Clarence R. Huebner

16th Infantry Regiment, 18th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry regiment and supporting units.

November 16 - December 9, 1944

Hamich, Gressenich, Laufenburg Castle, Heistern, Langerwehe, Merode, Schevenhütte and Luchem.

12th VGD, 116th PzD, 47th VGD and 3rd FsJD

Jake W. Lindsey, T/SGT, 16th IR, Medal of Honor, near Hamich on November 18, 1944.  Francis X. McGraw, PFC, 26th IR, Medal of Honor, Schevenhütte on November 19, 1944.  Robert T. Henry, PVT, 16th IR, Medal Of Honor, near
Luchem on December 3, 1944 (Posthumously)

3993 battle casualties.


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